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Netflix, Disney+, Nat Geo Docuseries

During the pandemic, I has the pleasure of working on several episodes of a forthcoming Netflix Originals nature series, with a crew of as little as three of us at times, where I’d juggle roles as (credited) field producer and DIT, and (uncredited) gaffer, grip, camera assistant, video editor, assistant director and swiss army knife everything-person – at the beck and call of biologists and conservationists tracking animal behavior that tells stories of our fragile ecosystem. A career highlight that will include the series opener, a groundbreaking tracking sequence of an endangered Indian rhino sauntering through a Nepalese town. During that period, I also worked on nature docuseries for Disney+ and Nat Geo, and MISSION JOY, an official Tribeca Film Festival selection about the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu’s friendship, co-directed by the Oscar-winning director of THE COVE.

Here’s the trailer for MISSION JOY:

I’ll post trailers and links to the Netflix, Disney+ and Nat Geo Originals nature series when the drop. It can take years to produce a single season, as animal behavior unfolds at its own pace!

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