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The following are my unbranded film and TV credits and short descriptions of original content projects currently in development. Much more interesting though are the behind-the-scenes stories about me hustling my (overly?) ambitious shows in Hollywood, the global adventures that inspired them and the insights that came from both ups and downs. Story-driven insights about life, but also practical insights about using transmedia strategy emerging technologies like AI and web3 to bypass the gatekeepers, self-finance on a budget, co-create with like-minded communities and self-publish for your superfans!

• NETFLIX, DISNEY+, NAT GEO ORIGINALS NATURE DOCUSERIES (field producer, camera assistant, DIT, swiss army knife everything person. A forthcoming Netflix Originals nature docuseries filmed around the world, including the groundbreaking series opener tracking an endangered one-horned rhino sauntering through a crowded Nepali town. I also worked on one Disney+ and one Nat Geo series both featuring stunning macro photography of Brood X “zombie” cicadas that emerge once every 17 years.

• MISSION JOY: FINDING HAPPINESS IN TROUBLE TIMES (production manager, Canadian segments). Official Tribeca Film Festival selection about the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu from Oscar-winning THE COVE director Louie Psihoyos. Now streaming on Netflix US. 

• TRAGEDY: THE STORY OF QUEENSBRIDGE (writer, director, co-producer, associate editor). An indie feature doc about the largest housing projects in the US with the richest legacy in hip-hop, featuring rap legends Tragedy Khadafi, Marley Marl, Mobb Deep and Capone-n-Nore – itself a fan-favorite hip-hop classic. Premiered at Slamdance, was the opening film at NXNE, screened at the NY Hip-Hop Film Festival and was on heavy rotation on Fuse TV. 

Geopolitical documentaries hosted by Alexandre Trudeau for Canada’s premier current affairs programs W-5 (CTV) and The National (CBC), including:

• THE NEW GREAT GAME, (consulting story producer). A docuseries about pirates, pariahs and world powers competing for strategic global waterways. (CBC’s The National).

• SECURE FREEDOM (researcher, co-producer). A documentary about terror suspects being held without trial in Canada’s “Guantanamo light,” which aired on the 6th anniversary of 9/11 to some 600,000 viewers. (CTV’s W-5).

• BELGRADE: ONE YEAR AFTER (researcher, writer, director, co-producer). A documentary about activist youth in Serbia who helped overthrow the Milosevic regime. (CBC’s The National).

• EMBEDDED IN BAGHDAD (researcher, co-producer ). Alexandre Trudeau embeds himself with an Iraqi family during the 2003 “Shock and Awe” bombing, which premiered prime time over a million Canadian viewers. (CTV’s W-5). 

Bibles for my docuseries are available on request, several of which were shopped by reality TV pioneers Bunim/Murray Productions and KUWTK EP Jeff Jenkins’s JJP prod co,  including BIKE THE PLANET, a travel show about bike culture and activism around the world, which had a flashing green light with a major streamer but was ultimately canceled due to the pandemic and loss of its celebrity host. Other series include STREET DREAMS, about innovation and activism-infused streetwear fashion, WELLNESS WARRIORS, about myth-busting health and wellness fads, and DIVERSE CITY, about how cultural diversity is a key driver of innovation across disciplines in cities around the world.  

Bible and sizzle for GANGSTA GLOBAL, a scripted transmedia franchise about ghetto gangster culture around the world, will continue to be shopped with major streaming services once the WGA strike is resolved. ego trip co-founder, Mass Appeal creative director and Emmy-nominated WU-TANG: OF MICS AND MEN filmmaker Sacha Jenkins is attached as co-creator. Another one of my hip-hop projects called POUNDS had Hollywood heat for a hot minute, but ultimately was never produced. I’m also co-directing a micro-budget feature inspired by GANGSTA GLOBAL with Algerian-Canadian actor, rapper and writer Rabah Aït Ouyahia.


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