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Music-tech startup, founded in 2010

“Legitmix is a new platform that allows musicians to legally sample music from other sources — and sell it — without going through the sample-clearing process. The company has teamed up with Diplo and Mad Decent.” So wrote Pitchfork in 2011 of the beta launch of Legitmix, a music technology company Booker co-founded with childhood friend Omid McDonald. Together, they helped secured a $3 million financing round led by the Ontario government’s OETF and the Purple Angel investment group made up of Bell Northern Research alumni.

Booker helped oversee design and development (with Facebook-logo designers The Cuban Council and an internal dev team), conceived of the marketing strategy and executed projects with major artists like Diplo, Pusha-T, Danny Brown, DJ Earworm, Ghostly International, The Hood Internet & Max B, Dave Nada and El-p. Strategic partners included some of the biggest influencers in the music industry — such as Biz 3, Mad Decent, Fools Gold, Giant Step, Decon/Mass Appeal and the Turntable Lab. The startup has been covered by Billboard, MTV, the Fader, Pitchfork, Bloomberg, MIT Technology Review, The Verge, The Toronto Star, and Time Out New York — often including interviews with Omid and Booker.

The company secured another round of financing in 2014, with Booker continuing to work with Legitmix as a consultant.

Legitmix is unique in that it leverages technology, not lawyers and contracts, to get remixers and the artists they sample get credited and paid.  The alternative, in the words of the MIT Technology review, “The alternative [to Legitmix] is the kind of music sharing that already goes on on music blogs, where everything is free and artists get zip.” In 2013, Time Out New York wrote “Of all the music start-ups among NYC companies, Legitmix stands as one of the coolest.”

Read Legitmix press mentioning Booker HERE.

Watch a short cartoon explaining the technology:

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