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In 1957, Lester B. Pearson won the Noble Prize for engineering a peacekeeping mission in Suez that saved the world from a possible nuclear war. Fifty years later, with the exception of American-led operations in Afghanistan many consider more war-making than peace-keeping, Canada barely holds its own.

In a three-part documentary for CBC Radio’s national daily news magazine The Current, Alexandre Trudeau examines a half-century of peacekeeping for clues on how Canada can make a comeback on the world stage. Booker worked with the Current team to help Trudeau produce the series.

OUR THIRD CHOICE traces the history of peacekeeping during the Cold War, through to the failures of the 90s that let countless innocents die in Africa and the Balkans, to the dawn of the millennium when international efforts to prevent future genocide were shattered by Bush’s post-9/11 unilateralism.

Trudeau asks hard questions about Canada’s self-image as global referee. Were we ever impartial? Or in containing local conflicts, were we just putting a friendly face on our allies’ interests? With Canadian soldiers engaged in open combat in Yugoslavia, Haiti and Afghanistan, are Canadian peacekeepers no longer trusted? Is our foreign policy undercutting our soldiers’ brave efforts? Can we muster the will to once again make a difference?

With the help of Canadian personalities like political philosopher Michael Ignatieff, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, renowned peacekeeper General Romeo Dallaire, and soldiers who served in Yugoslavia, Haiti and Afghanistan, OUR THIRD CHOICE looks for ways Canada can once again make serious contributions to conflict resolution. Trudeau concludes that if we are to regain our reputation abroad, Canadians must compel their government, whether Liberal or Conservative, to stop hiding behind Pearson’s fading legacy, and make a real difference here and now.

OUR THIRD CHOICE premiered primetime on CBC Radio One’s nationally broadcast program The Current, on May 1st to the 3rd, 2006.

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