“Why The 7 Dice?”

I turned 34 on 07/07/07 at 7:07am (and 3 + 4 equals…well, you know). But when I get my fortune read, I’m told I’m so lucky the wheel turns to misfortune (hence the oh-so-close movie deals, the too-ahead-of-their-time documentaries, the years spent developing yet-to-be-finished brands, not to mention the dangerous places and people I seem to be drawn to).

Then the day before my ‘07 birthday, a revered Mexican clairvoyant told me the darkness in my life has all been in preparation for a coming brightness. The time for vultures over. The time for dolphins near.

My little website is a celebration of my passing through this symbolic doorway of light. And since I actually believe we make our own luck, you’ll find me blatantly promoting my ideas for bettering the world through equitable branding and inspirational content. But this site is also meant to remind MYSELF that future dreams can only be built from glowing little “nows.” Screenplays, branding concepts and other blueprints all have meaning in themselves, especially in the joy I take in creating them. I hope you find joy in them too. And anyhow, as each day passes, I’m discovering my true passion is less about my own vision and more about helping others realize theirs. So another joyful revelation!

The Mexican’s final words to me? “Wear your shadow, like Peter Pan.” Embracing brightness doesn’t mean forgetting why I was fascinated with darkness in the first place. My work with child soldiers, warlords, gangsters, ghetto dwellers and refugees was all about light. Just ask Nietzsche and Aristotle: beauty born from suffering is the most sublime thing of all.

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