Playback on Booker Sim’s Liberia Doc at VIFF

“JuJu Films, set up last year by the third of Trudeau’s four sons, Alexandre, and his longtime friends and partners Booker Sim and Malcolm Hearn, is currently translating the 60-minute film Liberia: A Documentary into English in time for its [Vancouver International Film Festival] screening. The doc debuted at the Vues d’Afrique festival in Montreal last April. Trudeau says they are also re-editing the film into a 46-minute version to pitch to broadcasters both here and abroad.

According to Sim, the few broadcasters who have seen the film have rejected it as ‘a little strange, a little radical,’ so the producers are spending the summer ‘trying to make it a little more accessible.’  The film was shot over three months in spring 1997 in the war-torn country on digital video, 16mm film and Hi-8 with a budget of about $85,000. (The trio took their company name from the Juju warriors in Liberia.)

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