In 2018, I started doing freelance gigs for Sumit Ajwani, who I met while filming for Cadbury in Ghana, as one of the OG members of his fast-growing commercial producer resourcing company. 

It turned into a great opportunity to broaden my integrated production experience, for clients like Volkswagen, Corona, MaRS, DDB, Anomaly, Can-Am BRP, Roots, Mosaic and Common Citizen. Besides learning to produce photoshoots, broadcast commercials, XM and getting to flex my creative/production chops by putting out fires, I brought in innovative early stage startup clients, and found strategic partners for innovative passion projects – like the University of Waterloo for a Makers X Habitat for Humanity collab. This transdisciplinary approach earned me the official title of “special projects and innovations” lead, but unofficially I was known as the Makers mascot, with my swiss army approach and philosophical mindset embodying the ethos of a team that aspires to be able to make just about anything.

Makers gave me the flexibility to pursue other projects, from developing series bibles with leading Hollywood prod cos, to field producing documentaries for Netflix Originals, shooting Microsoft brand docs around the world, teaching interactive documentary and transmedia storytelling at Seneca College and consulting as a strategist on several innovative startups. 

Here a few of the Makers projects I creative produced or provided strategy for, and sometimes wrote and directed: 

Common Citizen:

Corona Sunsets:

Mosaic x IG: 

MaRS startup founder series intro video: 

Habitat for Humanity coverage in Fast Company magazine. 

The pre-Makers Cadbury projects I worked with Sumit on:


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