2023 saw the release of a brand doc series I wrote, directed, produced and provided content strategy for alongside long time friend Aaron A, featuring users on three continents sharing how Microsoft products address their local needs. My former Jam3 colleague Heather Phenix, EP on NUCLEAR DISSENT, got me the gig through her new employer, 

One of the most compelling stories was shot in Ghana, where I was reunited with friends from two Cadbury social good campaigns. My close friend from Brooklyn, Mexican DP Jano Meija took a break from award-winning feature films to shoot our little campaign – largely because of the promise to visit Ghana, where he captured some breathtaking photos.  

Along with the hero videos (link below), Aaron and I delivered 48 short social media videos and photos, as well as interview selects and story beats to make the blog writer’s job easier. 

Here’s the 2023 campaign page (I wrote the video content only, not the blog):

 While at Jam3, I led user-centered campaigns for various Microsoft products, including:

Excel influencer videos, as writer/producer, with motion designer Andrew Vucko.

Office user videos, again with Vucko and Jam3 motion designer John Flores.

Skype, directed by Dean Moore, with Flores on motion and Greg Bolton as CD.

Sharepoint, as writer, producer, story editor, again with Bolton and Flores.  

These projects gave me the opportunity to embed myself on the Microsoft campus – interacting with developers, product leads and their in-house agency, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s culture and process.


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