I co-wrote, directed and produced this Jam3, CMF and NZ On Air interactive documentary (or “i-doc”) about the fallout victims and Greenpeace activists who put an end to French nuclear testing in the south pacific — and a new generation fighting for a nuclear weapons-free planet. It won a Canadian Screen Award, two Webbys and two ADCCs. 

I also wrote and directed the case-study trailer used to secure those awards, the script for which makes the best project summary:

“They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” – Donald Trump, 2017, responding to Kim Jong Un

Technology may be pushing us closer to nuclear war. But it also arms us to demand change. NUCLEAR DISSENT is a look back at yesterday’s anti-nuclear movement using technology to teach a new generation of activists – on desktop, mobile and WebVR.

This interactive documentary is about the social and environmental fallout from 30 years of French nuclear testing and what it teaches us about the dangerous world we live in. From the victims and protesters, to the cover-up, nuclear fallout and global movement that grew in its wake, this new form of interactive documentary unfolds in five bite-sized chapters that lets users explore the past, present and future. 

Cut-down versions of the doc are optimized in WebGL for shorter VR viewing. A WebVR and 360 X-ray view brings the invisible effects of nuclear fallout to the surface through audio hotspots. Panoramic journals house declassified articles and stories of heart-wrenching sacrifices. And by entering their addresses in a dynamic map, users can see what the effects of nuclear fallout would have on their lives.

The experience culminates with a call to join a growing anti-nuclear movement that sees hope for change amidst the impending dangers.

Honoring protest movements of the past, using today’s latest technology, to inspire activists of the future.

Check out the experience in desktop, mobile or WebVR:

Peep the case study trailer:

Watch all the videos:



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