Winner of two Cannes Lions, a FWA, an Awwward and shortlisted for a Clio, this interactive documentary was commissioned by Grünenthal to destigmatize gout, an inflammatory arthritis, through an educational – and emotional – human journey. I took a lead role as creative content producer, agency producer, writer and story editor, using my documentary and interview skills to support commercial director Dean Moore, Jam3 creative director Greg Bolton and commissioning agency Langland’s creative team, working closely with Langland and the Jam3 interactive team from story treatment, to pitch, shoot, edit, case study and launch.  

I’ll defer to the script for the case study I put together, which shows the interplay between the i-doc’s WebGL UI, UX, documentary content and the art installation: 

“People just assume you’re not looking after yourself and that’s why you get [gout]. I think it’s so far from the truth it’s unbelievable. I’m 49 years young, and I’ve had gout for ten years.”  –  Graham Preston, gout sufferer 

Gout is a painful disease caused by buildup around the joints. The CHANGE GOUT project brings new awareness to this age-old and often misunderstood condition. To bring it to life, UK agency Langland created a crystalline sculpture to raise awareness – and asked Jam3 to create a digital experience to bring it online. We responded with a cutting-edge website housing an interactive documentary and WebGL experience. 

The site is no longer live, but you can view the full film it contained:

And here’s the case study trailer I put together:


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