I worked as the documentary director, interactive director, co-producer and story-editor on this interactive documentary commemorating the 100th anniversary of WW1’s Gallipoli campaign. SONS OF GALLIPOLI won a Banff World Media Festival Award, two D&AD Pencils, was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award and shortlisted for two Cannes Lions. It was the first of many award-winning i-docs I co-created during my four years at digital studio Jam3.

Again, the script for the case-study trailer I wrote and directed makes the best project summary:

We say: “never forget, never again.” But a hundred years after the great war, in a world filled with strife, do we really mean it? 

SONS OF GALLIPOLI brings the lessons of the past into the future with an interactive documentary about one of the bloodiest yet most inspiring battles of WW1. Gallipoli has come to symbolize peace among enemies and the promise to never forget – a message more relevant than ever. A hundred years later, two mothers from opposite sides of the war vow to see who still remembers the sons of Gallipoli. 

Our mothers discover passionate individuals from both sides of the conflict – scholars, descendants, archivists, activists, local guides – who’ve dedicated their lives to protecting peace and memory. 

Users can navigate the documentary chapters and associated hotspots with a video player inspired by the circularity of past and present. This content can also be accessed using an interactive map or an intuitive mosaic archive 

SONS OF GALLIPOLI  saw over half a million visitors and led to the opening of a permanent installation by the battlefields of Gallipoli.

The memory of the fallen lives on thanks to the very technologies that too often cause us to forget. Never forget, never again.

Check out the experience on desktop and mobile: 

Watch the case study trailer:

A more detailed behind-the-scenes account is coming soon to my blog.



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