SMPIA on Branded Content & “Wheels” doc

“There is obvious opportunity to work on the production of the client’s new platform, but in addition to utilizing digital media to create platforms and places for their consumers, advertisers also need people to create innovative digital campaigns to tell their stories.  A great example is a documentary Wheels of Change, which was conceptualized by The Hive agency, produced by Frantic Films, and fully sponsored by Cadbury Canada. The film focuses on ‘The Bicycle Factory’, a Cadbury social initiative launched last year with the goal of providing young people in the cocoa-producing communities of Ghana with potentially life-changing bicycles that help them travel to school, get food and retrieve water. Aside from a couple of brief mentions, Cadbury has no overt presence in Wheels of Change, but the documentary not only shows the work of the company, but it entertains, and by default, solidifies Cadbury as a brand that gives back.”

Read the SMPIA article here.

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