“With the help of Frantic Films in late 2009, it enlisted Alexandre Trudeau and Booker Sim to direct a doc on the power of bicycles [in Africa] entitled Wheels of Change [as part of Cadbury’s Bicycle Factory campaign]… The documentary aired on 24 CTV stations with viewing numbers that beat out that day’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  It has also been selected for the Africa World Documentary Festival in the U.S. and shortlisted at the London International Documentary Festival.

Since its launch, The Bicycle Factory has blown away its revenue targets with 42% higher sales than previous corporate promotions, making it Cadbury Canada’s most successful total confection promotion to date.  While not targeted through media or advertising, Canadian students embraced the program. As a result, as Cadbury heads into year three, it will be adding Bicycle Factory 101 to the program. Educators will now be able to download materials and curriculum to help educate kids on the power of mobility in developing nations.

Most importantly, it succeeded in educating consumers that the need for bicycles is real and the cause has been embraced. Since the program’s inception Cadbury has delivered over 9,000 bicycles to Ghana. Children who previously had to walk 12 km a day to get to school now arrive on time and have the energy to learn.

This non-traditional approach was accompanied by a small print buy that featured portraits of children that were now able to get an education as a result of the program. Television was used to deliver a simple message of thanks and encourage participation.”

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